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Tax Free Junior ISA

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Tax Free Junior ISA

Company Details:

Tax Free Junior ISA was one of the very first websites to announce to the world wide web the Baby ISA announcement. Since then it has become one of the most prominient online providers of the Junior ISA. Since its launch in 2010 it has quickly established a large network of websites which has resulted in them being one of the UKs largest online Junior ISA affiliates.

Product Details:

Tax Free Junior ISA represent The Childrens ISA Ltd and pride themselves in offering 3 different types of Junior ISA accounts to suit all level of savers whether your a cautious saver or are looking for a higher risk / more adventurous investment.

They also provide an Ethical Junior ISA for the more socially responsible investor as well as a
Shariah Junior ISA which is fully Shariah compliant and invests inline with the Islamic Investment Guidelines.

Annual Management Charge: 1.5% (Shariah / Islamic Baby ISA is 1.6%)
Minimum Investment: 10 per month or a one off payment of 10

Contact Details:

Digital World Centre
1 Lowry Plaza
The Quays
M50 3UB

Visit Tax Free Junior ISA


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