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Junior ISA Questions

Here we list some of the most frequently asked questions about the Junior ISA.

Who Can Open a Junior ISA?
Only the parent(s) or legal guardian of the child is permitted to open an account. Children aged 16 or 17 can open an account themselves.

Is My Child Eligible For a Junior ISA Account?
Any child who doesn’t hold a Child Trust Fund (CTF) and who doesn’t already hold a Stocks and Shares ISA should be eligible.

Can We Open An Account If We Live Abroad?
Unfortunately no, The Junior ISA is only available to UK residents.

What Are The Minimum and Maximum Amounts You Can Pay Into a Junior ISA?
This is dependent upon the Junior ISA Provider but their is a maximum annual investment allowance of £4000 per year on all Junior ISAs.

Can Grandparents Pay Into Their Grandchild’s Junior ISA?
Yes, Anyone can contribute toward the Child’s ISA once the account is opened.

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Child ISA work closely in association with ‘The Children’s ISA Ltd’ and are one of the UK’s leading Junior ISA Providers who offer a wide choice of Junior ISAs suitable for most types of savers and investors including defensive, balanced and adventurous.

By using Prudential as their fund managers, you know your money is in experienced and most importantly, safe hands.

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Can We Withdraw Money From The Account?
No, Only the child can withdraw money from the account and only when they reach the age of 18. At the age of 16, the management of the account can pass to the child should they wish.

What Happens To The Junior ISA When The Child Reaches 18?
The Junior ISA Account simply rolls over to an Adult ISA and they now have access to the funds.


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