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Childrens ISA

Company Details:

Childrens ISA offer a wide range of tax exempt savings plans and are specialists in tax free children’s savings and investments such as the child trust fund and now the Baby ISA.

Product Details:

ChildrensISA.co.uk work closely in association with ‘The Childrens ISA Ltd’ who are one of the largest Junior ISA providers here in the UK.

With a wide range of Childrens ISA Accounts available, they are confident that their Junior ISAs will appeal to most types of savers & investors. They have a range of Actively Managed Junior ISAs which are tailored to different types of savers (cautious/defensive, balanced or adventurous) and each account is managed by Prudential and their experienced team of fund managers.

There is also an Ethical Children’s ISA option as well as a fully Shariah complaint Junior ISA Account.

Annual Management Charge: 1.5% for actively managed and ethical. Shariah Junior ISA is 1.6%
Minimum Investment: £10 per month or a one off payment of £10 on all accounts.

Contact Details:

Digital World Centre
1 Lowry Plaza
The Quays
M50 3UB

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